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Instagram Reels Download: The Ultimate Guide to Saving Your Favorite Reels


Instagram Reels has emerged as a prominent feature that enables individuals to design and distribute short, enjoyable videos with their followers. From dance-off contests to humorous skits, Reels has captivated the world, with numerous users dedicating hours to browsing through the boundless array of amusing videos.
Despite the fact that it is simple to view Reels on the Instagram app, several users aspire to obtain their preferred Reels to view later or distribute with their companions on alternative platforms. Nevertheless, Instagram does not provide a direct option to download Reels.
Therefore, in this Instagram Reels Downloader page, we will illustrate the process of downloading Instagram Reels in a few simple steps.

Table of contents

How to Download Instagram Reels on Your Phone:

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your personal mobile device.
  2. Locate the Reel that you want to download and tap the icon composed of three dots situated at the top right corner.
  3. Opt to “Save” the Reel, which shall be archived within your saved folder on Instagram integrated within the Instagram platform.
  4. inspect the contents of your saved folder and find the recently saved Reel
  5. Subsequent to verifying the existence of the Reel, tap the aforementioned icon of three dots and proceed to select “Share to…”
  6. From here, select the platform where the Reel shall be shared and download it onto your device.

How to Download Instagram Reels on Your Computer:

it’s easy to download it with our free Instagram Reels Downloader, just follow the steps bellow:

  1. To download an instagram Reel, First open instagram on a web browser.
  2. Find your desired Reel,then copy the URL
  3. Now navigate to a Instagram Reels Downloader,“”
  4. Paste your copied Instagram Reel URL in the download bar, and hit “Download” button
  5. After completing the preceding steps, choose your Instagram reel Quality .The Reel will be downloaded onto your computer within a matter of seconds.

Can You Download Reels from Private Accounts?

No, you cannot download Reels from private Instagram accounts. It doesn’t allow users to download Instagram Reels from a private accounts, as it goes against their privacy policy.

How to Save Instagram Reels without Downloading:

If you don’t want to download Instagram Reels but still want to save the Reels for later to watch, you can use the Instagram feature “Add to Collection”. By following these steps:

  1. Find the Instagram Reel that you want to save it then tap the bookmark icon.
  2. You can Create a new collection or just add the Instagram Reel to your existing collection.
  3. Now you can find your saved Instagram Reels on your profile and tap the “three-line icon“ in the top right corner of your device. Go to “Saved” and then “Collections”.

Instagram Reels Download FAQs:

Is it legal to download Instagram Reels?

For personal use downloading Instagram Reels is legal, but sharing someone else’s Instagram Reel without their permission is not.

Can you download Instagram Reels from Instagram’s official website?

No, you cannot download Instagram Reels directly from Instagram’s official website. You’ll need to use a third-party website to download Reels.

Can you download Instagram Reels from other users’ profiles?

Yes, you can download Instagram Reels from public profiles using the steps above.

is Instagram Reels Downloader free to use?

Yes, Our Online Instagram Reels Downloader is free, and always be


Instagram Reels is a fabulous way to stay entertained and make connections with others. With the steps mentioned above in this Instagram Reels Downloader page, you can download Instagram reels and watch them any time, whenever you want , even if you are without an internet access. It is crucial to note that the content produced by other users must be treated with respect and must only download instagram reels for personal usage or with their authorization.

Incorporating the steps outlined within this Instagram Reels Downloader page, tiy can download Instagram Reels on both of your handheld device and personal computer. If you are unable to download the Instagram Reel from a private account, it is always feasible to save it by utilizing the “Add to Collection” function.

One must be wary of sites that require personal data or downloads and only download Instagram Reels from reliable third-party websites like Save Video As.

We ardently aspire that this Instagram Reels Downloader page has facilitated your understanding of how to effortlessly download your favorite Instagram Reels. Enjoy watching your preferred Instagram Reels at any time and any place!

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